More pictures of our first piglets from 2014. This time closer up.

After work I was able to go see the new piglets and get some relatively closer pictures.

Penelope with her new brood
Penelope with her new brood

I’d love to tell you that this was a sweet and happy Disney moment, but in reality Penelope and I were having an unpleasant conversation about whose paddock this was. Being that I pay the taxes and bring the food, I was under the impression that I owned this particular piece of dirt. Penelope, as a new mother, was unconcerned about my support role for all this and was quite clear that she’s tackle me and eat me if I messed with her babies. She only charged me once which for Penelope was almost like inviting me over for Christmas dinner. Remember this is the girl who bit me.

So kind reader say a special prayer for your farmer who risked mauling to bring you piggie cuteness today.

Some of Penelopes babies
Some of Penelope’s babies

They really are cute when they are just born. My theory is that God makes newborns and children cute so that we don’t kill them for all the things they do that drive us crazy. It’s worked so far on my kids. 20140425-121445.jpg

And remember, there’s pork in the freezer if you’re planning on eating this weekend. If you don’t eat on weekends, well, you know something I don’t. Come buy some pork, I have new mouths to feed!

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