Pig #33, the one with the prolapse, is much better.

Yesterday marked a big day for #33. His insides are no longer his outsides. I was due to make a medical device this weekend, most likely today, and then perform some home surgery probably this evening. I made sure to discuss this in front of the pig because despite assertions┬áto the contrary, they know what you are talking about. The idea of having a plastic piece stuffed up your bum, and a castrating band placed around whatever bits are sticking out couldn’t have sounded too fun to the pig. I know it would have made my rear end pucker and that’s exactly the effect it had on said piggy. Suddenly that prolapse went right side in and the pig made sure to tell us just how happy she is. Of course, that suited me fine because I didn’t want to have to do any more to her anyway.

We finished the course of dewormers on her yesterday as well so another day of observation and #33 can go back into the big pen with everyone else. I’m not sure after all this, being fed by hand, sleeping under a heat lamp, curled up in a big pile of hay, that #33 is going to want to go back outside but I think some sunshine and being back with the pack will trump giving up the white glove treatment.

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