Pig doctoring notes, treating pnuemonia

As I’ve said here before, the initial purpose of this blog was simply to take notes on what we do here on the farm. The fact that it gives insight into our lives for our friends and customers is just a happy coincidence. Today we treated the stable mates of Roscoe the pig for pneumonia. They were not in nearly the same shape as Roscoe and proved to be a challenge for Miguel to catch however I didn’t want to wait till they were in dire straits before beginning treatment. Better to get this stuff knocked out now and have them go on about their happy lives never to need treatment again.

We also bought new ear tags for pigs with a new numbering sequence.

We had an assembly line set up for this treatment. Miguel was in the paddock with the pigs catching them. He tossed them over the gate. Wait, tossed isn’t the right word. He picked them up and handed them to Justin, who then walked the pig to the barn where I was setup playing doctor. I took the pig from Justin and sat on it, holding it in place. I then administered the shots needed and then placed the pig in the stall with Roscoe and his friends.

Here is what we did today. I am remembering the drug names vs. going back to the barn and actually looking them up. I’m sure I spelled them wrong and I’ll correct it when I get over there tomorrow, with some pics of the drugs for the records.

#26 “Roscoe” received 1.5ccs of Enroflox, sub-cutaneously. This was Roscoe’s last treatment before he’ll be put back in the paddock in a few days.

#27 1.5ccs of Enroflox sub-q and 1.5ccs of Liquimyasin IM

#28 1.5ccs of Enroflox sub-q and 1.5ccs of Liquimyasin IM

#29 1.5cc Liquamycin IM, 1.5 ccs of Iron IM and 1.5 ccs of Vitamin B IM

#30 1.5cc Enroflox sub-q

#31 1.5cc Enroflox sub-q

#32 1.5 cc Enroflox sub-q

#33 1.5 cc Enroflox sub-q

Everybody but Roscoe will need a follow-up course of shots in 48 hours which means Monday night. Then they can stay another day or so and be turned back in the paddock with their friends.

Enroflox 100 antimicrobial from Summit Equine in Apex
Enroflox 100 antimicrobial from Summit Equine in Apex
Liquamycin box information
Tetracycline antibiotics, from Tractor Supply in Fuquay.

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