Pig escape! And pigs go to market.

Pigs out of their paddock
Pig escape!

Yesterday we loaded pigs to be carried to the processor. When we hooked up our pig trailer and went over to the paddock, we found what you see here waiting for us in the cow pasture. The mottled pig closest to the Princess is the one we needed especially because he was going to our friend Kimberly as a special order pig. A few weeks ago we dropped off some pigs and this guy rushed past Miguel and jumped onto the trailer. Yesterday he didn’t even wait for that but instead was already out of the paddock. We stopped and dropped the trailer to the ground and he almost got on out in the pasture. Instead he followed us back to the paddock and ran back in with everyone else. I’ve never seen a pig so happy to get onto a trailer before.

After some back and forth shenanigans, we were able to load this guy and two more pigs to go to Acre Station and I headed out on the four hour drive there and back. Everyone offloaded fine and we’ll have more pork in a couple of weeks. We’ll also be working on all the hot wires today, after we move cows to the new farm.

It should be another busy day for us Ninjas.

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