Pig escapes and cows moving to a new farm

Pigs in the paddock, causing a ruckus
Pigs in the paddock, causing a ruckus

Yesterday we continued the saga of our bad momma pigs. We have one mom who has one surviving baby. She is in with the rat pack you see here and we had to get her out even though momma and baby we’re doing fine. We needed the good momma in the barn to try and nurse a failing piglet, and we needed her away from all the pigs you see above because they had all decided to enjoy the free nursing. Our bad mom had to go back to the finished hog paddock because she refused to nurse her baby so she is going the way of the processor.

We moved the bad momma out first and through a comedy of errors the bad mom escaped (it’s us, go figure a pig escaped) and Miguel and I chased her about 6 laps around the pasture. We finally walked her all the way from the pig paddock to the barn which is about half away across the farm. Once we had her in the barn, we loaded her again onto the pig trailer and took her back over. The second time, we got her right in. One down!

The funny part of trying to off load her the first time was that while she was darting off for her escape, four of the hogs in the pig paddock bum rushed the paddock gate and dove into the trailer. They got on and made themselves at home like they were ready to go to market. We locked them on just to keep some sanity while we chased momma back. I guess it was a practice run because Monday we will be loading 3 pigs to go to the processor. Hopefully they will be just as enthused on Monday.

Working on pasture fencing
Working on the new pasture fencing. Fortunately the wood fence was already there. We are just adding a hot wire to power our temporary fencing.

After playing with pigs and doing our daily feeding. We headed over to our neighbors to set up his pasture to receive some cows. We have worked out a deal with two of our neighbors to use their pastures giving us another 13 acres of grazing land to add to our existing 32 acres. We added a hot wire, daily paddock setup, and new paddocks for ┬ásome horses that were already there. We didn’t get everything finished as some unexpected errands came up but our neighbor is going to finish the job and we’ll have everything ready for Tuesday of this week when the entire herd will be moving over there.

Come Tuesday afternoon, we will be cowless on the farm for the first time in any history I am aware of, even going back to the people who owned the farm before us. Don’t worry though, they will be back in about a week.

Oh, and the bad momma pig escaped the new paddock and went back to the barn. I’d say she wanted to be with the baby she refused to nurse, but I’m pretty sure she wants the pampering the pigs get in the barn vs. working for her food out in the paddock.

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