More pig medical records

This is a quick post with pig medical records.

#44, the dark brown pig, hadn’t responded to Enroflox and Liquimyacin. We gave the pig 3/4cc of penicillin on 1/24/15. On 1/25/15 he looked much better with no breathing issues noted and plenty of pep in his step.

#27 was apparently not castrated when we got him. Miguel and I both noted that he was still fully equipped for his wedding night so on Saturday the 24th of January we set up to castrate him. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything to take out. We both were so sure he was still equipped that we didn’t give him a final inspection before we started. We have him in observation for the cuts and to see if his wedding tackle reappears. Because of the procedure he received 1cc of Lidocain and 1/2cc of penicillin.

On 1/20/2015 we shot #39, Spider Pig, with 1.5cc of enroflox and 2.5cc of Liquimyacin. Also #44 and #45 received at the same time 1.5cc of Enroflox and 2.0cc of Luquimyacin.

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