Pig medical records update

Miguel brought a new pig into the barn on 1/3/15 that was not keeping up with the other pigs. He was ear tagged #41 and was given 2.5ml vitamin and 1ml of iron IM.

On 12/31/14 we treated pig #33, the one with the prolapse, with the soapy water and sugar treatment. We’re treating that pig about every other day and the results are looking good. The prolapse is still there but it’s definitely shrinking. On the 31st when I was treating the pig the scab or hard crust that had formed began coming off in about a 1″ wide ring in the area closest to the pig. By using water to moisten and a little gentle pressure I was able to peel off that entire 1″ ring. Now that area has retracted back into the pig and we’ll be working the next area today with soap and water. It may take another week at the rate we are going but it looks like we’ll be able to heal this prolapse.

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