More pig medical records

Today we had a pig coughing in the paddock. This pig was much larger than the other pigs in the barn and was doing fine otherwise. Miguel and I caught the pig and era tagged it #42. We then administered 1.5ml of Enroflox and 3ml of Liquimyacin and released the pig back into the paddock rather than taking it into the barn.

We also had the vet out today, Dr. Brady and Amber from Summit Equine. We were planning on having them out today anyway but Sunday night we lost #35, #41, and #26 to whatever is keeping these pigs unhealthy. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep them alive through the weekend. They really went downhill fast. The vet checked the two worst looking remaining pigs. One had a small temperature. One didn’t have a temperature at all. He took a fecal sample and will be checking it and getting me results tomorrow. We’ve given the pigs plenty of food, water, and pedialyte to help with any dehydration. We’ll adjust what we are doing based on the vet’s findings. It’s worth noting that all of our problem pigs have come from one breeder so it’s likely not our practices as much as the quality of the pigs we bought.

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