More pig treatment records

Nothing cute today, just some quick notes on what we’ve been doing.

#36 was feeling a bit poorly last night so we hit him again with Enroflox. 1.5cc Sub-q

The pig with the prolapse was treated with warm soapy water and another coating of sugar. She wasn’t too pleased with the treatment but it’s got to be done. The prolapse is getting hard after being exposed to air all this time. I’m beginning to wonder if it would go back in even if it could. Keeping it wet, clean, and coated in sugar seems to be a good approach for now.

Two pigs that are still in the barn are doing great, but loosing body condition. They are eating plenty and showing no signs of issues. My guess is they have gotten worms. We hit them both with Ivermectin injectable, 1ml for the bigger pig. 1/2 ml for the smaller pig. I’ll get their numbers and update that here. If they respond to the dewormer, we’ll need to deworm all the pigs in the barn because they have been in close proximity for long enough now.

On 12/26 we took another coughing pig into the barn. This time dark brown one. He was ear tagged #40 and given 1/2ml of penicillin. We didn’t use the enroflox on him because I wanted to see how he responded to the penicillin. Enroflox is about $200 per bottle, the same bottle of penicillin is about $30. If they both work, then penicillin is the better choice. Plus penicillin is the stuff we read about in history class, it’s the first anti-biotic and is basically just bread mold so I feel better using it.

#39 was also tagged on the 26th. He received 3/4 of on ml of penicillin

#38, the big pig we got from Chuck, also got tagged and injected on 12/20. He got 3.4 ml liquimycin and 2.5 cc enroflox.

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