Pigs in the Caribbean?

AOPA Pilot magazine cover
February 2-15 issue. A float plane in Caribbean waters, awesome!

Since I took an entire 6 days off and went to the beach, I’ve been steadily dreaming of taking time off again and going to the Carribbean. I’ve been a few times before, and SWMBO and I went to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) on our honeymoon. With a business to run, a farm to run, and children seemingly everywhere, going back to El Carib wasn’t even on the radar. But maybe, just maybe, if I plan enough, and squirrel away some money, I’ll be able to get the family there. I have to convince SWMBO first though.

As I’m working my way through a backlog of magazines I never have time to read, I come across the February issue of AOPA Pilot pictured above. Great Caribbean escapes by plane. I am a pilot, long out of the cockpit, but still somewhat read up on the current ongoings in aviation. I know I’m not going to fly our family down South unless it’s in the back of a Southwest flight but it can’t hurt to look. As I’m going through the various articles, I come across this little side bar.

Pigs swimming in the Caribbean waters.
Pigs swimming in the Caribbean waters.

Pigs live in the Bahamas on an island and when you boat up to the island, they SWIM out to your boat and beg for food! How cool is that. I didn’t even know the little porkers could swim.

I’ve been steadily working on SWMBO to buy into the idea of taking the family to the blue waters. After reading the article, I go find her, interrupt whatever she was doing, and tell her about the pigs in the Caribbean. “You boat up to this island, and the pigs swim out to your boat. You can feed them right from the boat!” I’m all excited.

SWMBO looks at me, kind of like she looks at one of the kids when they completely fail at something. Kind of sad and patient, and says, “You’re going to pack up the entire family and go to the Caribbean, spend all of our money getting there, risk the children drowning, to go feed pigs? Don’t you do enough of that at home?”

“Uh, no. I wasn’t going to do that. That would be silly.”

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  1. Nice try Lt. Dan. That seriously cracked me up. I can totally picture SWMBO giving you the look and making that comment.

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