Please let us know if you bought eggs last weekend

Saturday late in the day Lucy noticed that the cooler under our counter was warmer than it should be. That’s not unusual during the day as the door is open and closed often however when I checked it, I found that it wasn’t maintaining temperature as it should. We only keep water and eggs in this cooler because it’s already let us down once before. Eggs don’t NEED to be refrigerated but they keep fresher if they are. Of course, you can’t hurt water but it’s nice to have it cool and crisp.

However, when I cooked breakfast Sunday, I made sure to use eggs from the store to check them. I noted that our farm fresh eggs were not as fresh as they should be. We still ate (and are eating) them at our house, and they tasted fine BUT, they are not the fresh eggs we would sell to our customers.

So, if you bought some eggs this weekend, and you’re not happy with them, just pop in and let us know and we’ll give you replacement eggs and our apologies for your trouble. No need to bring the old eggs back. Make scrambled eggs for your dog.

As for our under counter cooler? As soon as we get time, we’ll pull it and get it back to the shop to figure out this problem. In the meantime, I have an appointment today to buy a new commercial fridge for the store. More capacity, more cooling, and less trouble, I hope.

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