We have plenty of duck eggs in the store

I mentioned before that we were going to get some duck eggs in the store in the future. We are slowly ramping up our duck egg business and we’ve not been able to supply but just a few¬†customers.

Till today.

Duck eggs
Duck eggs, fresh from the bird.

One of our farmers came through for us this week and we have a bunch of duck eggs in the fridge. If you’ve ever wanted to try duck eggs, and why wouldn’t you want to, now is the time to come and get a dozen to try. We still have some spots open for tomorrow, which is rare. I guess people are wrapped up with Easter. But even on Easter, you need to eat! Schedule an appointment to stop by and get some duck eggs, or chicken eggs, or chocolate milk, or some of the 600 pounds of pork we just put in the freezer. We have plenty to choose from.

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