Pork is coming on Monday, and we still have beef.

Home made sausage
Pork products are coming back in stock, including sausage.

Monday I’m going to go pick up two hogs from Dean Street Processing, and drop off two more at Acre Station Meat Farm. That means we will have a limited supply of pork available next week. I say limited because these two hogs are already sold, as are the follow-up hogs, but I will snag a few of the choice cuts for our own use and for a few of you folks who’ve been waiting on some Ninja Pig. Going forward we should have some pork available on a pretty much continuous basis on into spring when we will have a lull in supply and then come summer we should be back into pork steadily.

For those who only know pork as a pork chop, here is a very well written article on pork cuts and usage by a mentor of mine, Walter Jeffries of Sugar Mountain Farm. Walter’s website is a large part of the inspiration for our website and he farms in a similar method to what we do.

For those of you who don’t like pork chops, or anything from a hog besides bacon, you really need to try farm raised pork. You’ve never had pork till you’ve had the real thing. It’s night and day difference, I promise.

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  1. Wow! Walter’s article is great. I’m going to figure out,how to make print out and read it again. Glad you piglets are doing better. Take care! XXXOOO,Chris

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