Pork is back!

A few weeks ago I took some hogs to the processor because we were already running short, even though I’d just taken hogs a few weeks before. This is the trip that takes about 5 hours total so we try to make it as efficient as possible.

This time fit the bill. The hanging weight of our hogs was about 2000 pounds and our cuts came back at almost 1200 lbs. I received word late Friday that our hogs were ready to be picked up so I went down first thing Monday morning to get all our porky goodness. I filled up every freezer on the trailer with no room to spare!

On the way home, I stopped by Dean Street Processing to see Brooke (Hi Brooke!) and drop off cuts like ham, trim, etc. These will be made into sausage, BBQ, things like that. Cuts like Boston Butts, bacon, and pork chops all came home to go in the freezer to be ready to sell when we open tomorrow.

So we are still somewhat stocked on beef. There is a cow going to the processor this Friday so next Friday we’ll be fully stocked again, assuming they are finished on time. Things are crazy at the processor right now. There is still hamburger left in the store along with a number of cuts. Don’t ask for ribeyes, we don’t have those during normal times, but there is beef for dinner. Pork has been restocked, and sausage and BBQ were already in good supply.

Chicken, well, our chicken farmer is sick (not Covid 19!) and I couldn’t meet her today but I’m planning on seeing her tomorrow. Then we’ll see if she can scrape up anything for chicken this week, but I don’t have high hopes. Maybe next week she’ll be able to process some birds.

We are open our normal hours this week, and Jeanette will be back from vacation so anyone that was looking to talk to her, stop by and see her.

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