Pork prices rising with no end in sight as PEDv kills pigs in 30 states

Heritage breed pigs
Heritage breed Berkshire pigs in their natural environment.

It’s funny, the people I talk to that raise hogs outdoors, on the ground, in natural conditions aren’t dealing with this epidemic at all. And we in NC are at ground zero of this epidemic per this article. So it would stand to reason that housing animals in confinement, shoulder to shoulder with their peers by the thousands, may not be the safest way to produce healthy pork after all.

Kind of like how chicken pox swept through cities while the cure was found in milking sheds (cowpox) in the country. Or how rabies had the same effect in cities. Massing many of anything in a small area makes for problems we don’t normally see otherwise. One more reason I’m happy to have our animals on pasture and in organic farming practices.

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