Pork roasts for Christmas

We’ve had a lot of requests for beef standing rib roasts for Christmas and we’ve fulfilled as many of the requests as we can. However some folks weren’t able to get in line quickly enough to get beef. However, we also have another option that has been very popular with the people who’ve purchased them in the past. In fact this item started as a special order for a few people and we’ve brought it back in time for Christmas.

Pork rib roast
A center cut, 4 bone pork rib roast

These 4 bone roasts come out tasting wonderfully and look amazing as well. As you can see they run about 3.5-4 pounds each, perfect to accompany the rest of your feast on Christmas. Or if you want to make it a center piece of your meal, put two across from each other and end up with something like this.

Frenched pork rib roasts
Frenched pork rib roast

Plus pork is cheaper than beef and we have plenty of it available so if you missed the pre-order window on your beef rib roast, give our awesome heritage pork a try for your Christmas meal.

Rib roast, cooked perfectly
Plus, it’s gluten free!

One last picture to make your mouth water. I know it does mine. In fact, I think I’ll go put a couple in┬áthe secret freezer for our own use…

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