Product update as of 6 May 2020

We were able to get some good product this week, with updates on lots of items. The short summary is:

Beef is almost gone but a cow is going to the processor this Friday. Back next Friday 15 May.

Our first pork from a friends farm hit the store this week. The label of Ninja Cow 2 didn’t happen due to a mixup, but fortunately they also didn’t put our logo on the package like they normally do. So any pork with no Ninja Cow Logo is the pork NOT from our farm. This pork will be discounted 20% off of our normal pricing to reflect it’s origin.

Ninja Cow farm logo
Our now somewhat famous logo

Milk came in like normal and we are fully stocked for the week.

We did not receive any chicken this week, and I didn’t even ask when it was going to be available. Maybe next week? Maybe after? Who knows at this point. The cool spring hurts the chicken growth so tell me when the weather will turn warm and I’ll tell you when the chicken will be here. We did receive in guinea hen though which Christy says cooks exactly like chicken and she said she prefers it over chicken. We’ll be carrying whole guinea hen till the chicken is completely restocked.

Due to a mixup we didn’t order any rabbit this week. More next week for sure.

We aren’t the only ones out of product though. Wendy’s, who gets their meat from commercial large processors is having trouble getting beef into their restaurants, with 20% of them taking beef completely off the menu. Yikes!

End of quick summary

We made our normal Tuesday run to get product. Getting pork, cheese, milk, ice cream, etc this week. This was our first week getting pork from somebody else’s farm so that caused a bit of extra visitation at the processor but everyone there is super nice so that’s more fun than a chore. I did something that I don’t normally do this week. We had all three freezers on the trailer full so I took pics of the freezers loaded so you get an idea of what has come into the store this week.

Farm product in a trailer mounted freezer
Pork in the boxes, along with cream and cheese from Cooterville Farm (New item!)
Farm product in a trailer mounted freezer
Our raw and non-raw milk fills one entire freezer. This is double stacked two deep
Farm product in a trailer mounted freezer
Eggs, ice cream, and hiding below the ice cream, guinea hens
Farm product in a trailer mounted freezer
We brought in over 30 pints of ice cream this week. Someone has a sweet tooth

Some of you may have noticed that these are pictures of freezers. Especially that the milk rides in a freezer. You may be thinking to yourself, “Self, if he is putting milk in the freezer, isn’t it freezing it and messing it up?”

The answer is no. Some of the product is frozen when we get it, some of it is refrigerated. By using freezers, we are able to keep the frozen product frozen, but the items like milk are not in the freezers long enough to freeze. It would take many hours to freeze all that milk, maybe even most of a day. My route is setup such that I am only on the road for a few hours. If I have to go all the way to Acre Station (5 hour day), I pick up milk on the way back. In fact, milk is always my last stop, which means the milk is only in the freezer for 45 mins to an hour (depending on if I stop for lunch or not).

Farm product in the display freezer
Seafood is fully stocked again

Jeanette and her family went to meet our seafood provider. With the restaurants shut down, they aren’t coming to Raleigh as often so it took us a few weeks to get another order. As hoped, we did get some big beautiful scallops along with lots more shrimp. You can see that pizza dough and pasta are also fully stocked. The pizza dough flew off the shelves after Jeanette brought it in.

Farm product in the display freezer
Ribs and pasta in the premium freezer

We are fully stocked on BBQ again. And we hav some beef ribs left. All the premium steaks are gone at this point but they will be back next week.

Farm product in the display freezer
Pork before Jeanette restocked from our latest pig

We still have a good bit of pork leftover, including bacon, from our regular pigs. Jeanette will be restocking the pork chops, Boston butts, etc. from our latest pig today.

Farm product in the display freezer
Other side of the pork freezer
Farm product in the display freezer
Milk, cheese, cream, etc are all fully stocked
Farm product in the display freezer
We have two brand new goat cheeses from Cooterville Farm. A buffalo ranch and a herb cheese. Both are REALLY good. These are a new item.
Farm product in the display freezer
Eggs are stocked to capacity

We did not run out of eggs last week with our normal order, and I picked up an additional 10 dozen this week beyond our normal order so we should be in great shape on eggs this week.

Farm product in the display freezer
Guinea hens are in stock, as long as they last

Jeanette was in the process of stocking this freezer when I took this. The ice cream will be fully stocked when you get here Wednesday. She selected some new flavors, one of which is banana pudding. According to Spork, who couldn’t resist, it is quite tasty. I have the Corona 15 (instead of the freshman 15) waist line currently so I abstained. It looks like we do have one rabbit left that I didn’t notice before so there is rabbit too.

Farm product in the display freezer

The beef freezer is getting kinda sad. Hamburger is gone. Most steaks are gone although I think some sirloins are still on hand. People seem afraid of the large sirloin steak. They don’t realize that there are two steaks in one package. And if that is still too big, you can always cut the steak in half and have four steaks from one package.

We also had a number of people come in and get Osso Bucco last week after I mentioned it. Good for you! It is a great, inexpensive cut, and we still have some left. In case you didn’t have any good recipes, I’m linking a recipe that Lucy wrote a few years ago.

farm fresh beef in the freezer, mostly empty though

Again we are dropping off our next cow this Friday, and picking up next Friday so we should be fully stocked on beef by next week.

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