Progress on the sales room

Farm meat storage
Where we store and sell our meat. Finally with some drywall.

As you know if you’ve been to the farm this year, our meat storage room flooded this winter and ruined the walls and ceiling. Luckily the water ran out the door before it could affect our freezers, only wetting their adjustment feet and not the freezers themselves. However the room needed a total remodel to get things back right. We were planning on remodeling anyway so it wasn’t a big deal but since February we’ve operated with a ┬ároom that has no overhead lights and has all the walls and ceiling exposed. With Vicente back, we have finally started making a bit of progress on getting our sales room back in shape. He had about 1/2 of the drywall up, which doesn’t seem like much, but he had to replace some studs that had water damage. He also is putting new insulation up behind each piece of drywall, plus he had to run the offending water line around the other side of the room to keep any new lines from freezing. Now the line doesn’t touch any exterior walls.

We are only working on this room when there is bad weather. I always try to keep sunny day projects and rainy day projects going at the same time so there is always something to do. Plus Miguel and Vicente will work in any weather if I don’t stop them so I try to look out for them as best as I can. We have a window to add which may take a bit of time, then another day or two for the rest of the drywall. Then a day for the ceiling going in and then we can hang our lights finally. Once we have drywall, electricity, lights, and the freezers back against the walls again, it will feel like a real room, FINALLY. Then it will be tape, mud, sand, paint, and build out the counter. Maybe another month or so, depending on the rain or lack thereof.

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