A proper funeral for some chicks

Last weekend Miguel, Emily, and I were all running around trying to get all the farm work done. In the middle of everything going on, The Princess and Wildflower came over and started some sort of project in the barnyard. It’s not unusual for them to come out and play about something. Sometimes they climb the bales of hay, sometimes to make special meals out of the produce we have in the barnyard waiting to feed┬áthen go our and hand feed the animals.

This time they were digging a hole. I finally stopped to see what they were up to, and they showed me this.

Girls and a chick funeral
The Princess and Wildflower with their creation

I didn’t even get a chance to ask what they were doing. The excitedly told me that some of the new chicks had died (which we knew) and that they had taken them out of the barn and buried them. As you can see, the spot they picked was right off the main road in and out of the farm so the chicks wouldn’t get lonely with all the traffic.

Chick grave site
Hard work for a nice chick grave site

There are multiple layers here, including a hay bed above and below the chicks so they don’t get cold, moss covering, of course dirt, some rocks, and a grave marker. Of course I thanked the girls for taking such good care of the little chicks and informed everyone to avoid this area as long as possible so as not to disturb the site. Eventually this grave, like all of us, will return to the earth but in the meantime, I’m thankful for little girls on the farm.

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