Random happenings from this weekend

Last weekend, we posted a picture of our new intern Justin and his altercation with the chicken brooder house and our tractor. I thought shame and public ridicule would stand in place of instruction and oversight. Apparently I was wrong because this weekend I told Justin he was on his own once again to do everything on Sunday. This was the result.

The trailer was no match for his kung foo.

Apparently training and oversight are actually needed with brand new interns. Go figure. I can’t fault Justin, he covered two Sunday’s in a row for me with hardly any instruction. It’s not our normal training regimen but it’s what I could accomplish this time. Hopefully going forward I’ll be able to be around more and at least be a part of breaking my stuff.

Today we drove to Henderson to meet up with some of our friends from our Bang to Bacon class.¬†¬†Luckily, despite attending my class, they have stayed with raising pigs and had a couple of litters to sell. We were fortunate to get 10 pigs from them and the highlight of the trip was putting the kids in the paddock to chase piglets. Here you can see the craziness that is chasing 4 week old pigs around a paddock. I was lucky that Mr. Dorman was able to accompany us on this trip riding shotgun. Since we were in Vance county and were somewhat lost, it was handy to have Mr. D around to return fire should anyone decide we shouldn’t be turning around in their yard. Luckily all was fine and we were able to meet our friends neighbors who were all very nice.

The 10 new pigs made the ride home just fine and will be attended to in the morning by Miguel and I. They need to be castrated and then turned into their new paddock. I have 5 more coming this coming weekend, along with 12 large hogs. I hope our food supply holds out as we head into winter. We’re in the pigs all of a sudden.

Speaking of Mr. D. I received two AWESOME birthday gifts from him, along with his help in chasing errant piggies. One is a book that isn’t really farm related but is very special. The other is a pack of 100 labels, shown here. These labels are not “real” labels in that they won’t pass any state or federal inspections. They are more for our home cooked products that we gift away to friends. Here you can see a jar of some of our wares, now awesomely labeled with our information. The upper sticker is the state motto for the state of NC. It translates into, “To be rather than to seem.”

On the fine print below the sticker, for those of you who can’t read 2 point font, I’ll list the fine print below.

Lovingly hand crafted here on our family farm, this product exudes luxuriant notes of wet dog, cow manure, and bits of Mr. Dan’s burning flesh; accidentally ignited with disturbing frequency. It’s much betterer than that last batch we made. It’s SWMBO, Spork, Princess, and Wildflower approved.

If you receive something from us with this label, you are one of the chosen ones we hold in high esteem.


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