Raw milk is almost back

Farm product in a trailer mounted freezer
Our raw and non-raw milk fills one entire freezer on the trailer. This is double stacked two deep

About 3-5 times per week, I receive this email.

Do you carry raw:

snail milk?

…..I heard from a friend of a friend who’s cousin’s niece’s brother said that you have it and I wanted to know if I could:

stop by in 5 minutes
pre order 16 gallons
just go in the store even though you are closed
bring my dog by to drink it right there in the store.

I answer everyone pretty much the same. I link to the post I posted back in October where I announced that we were drying off the animals and tell them to check back in February.

I’m not smart enough to keep the raw milk status on the top of the web page, mainly because I don’t have a lot of time at the computer anymore, and when I am at the computer I’m wasting time doing pointless things like paying taxes, paying bills, doing the accounting, etc. You know, goofing off. I just don’t get to the website enough to post updates and do my normal erratic writing. But I spend so much time answering these emails that it finally occurred to me that maybe I should move this topic up the priority list. So, here is the status on raw milk.

All the critters are as wide a battleships, ready to deliver new cuteness to the farm. We expect them to start dropping in the next few weeks. Once babies start hitting the ground, we’ll have the craziness of getting moms and babies sorted and nursing properly. Then the craziness of convincing animals that had gotten used to sleeping in that now we are going back to milking at 5am. Then we have to get the milk tested. Then coordinate a pickup date for the first weekly pickup. THEN we will have milk back in the store.

Until all those things happen, we do NOT have any raw milk. Or raw milk butter. Or yogurt. Or anything else that is raw milk based. The first few weeks of milking will be just milk, but we’ll start working our way into other products as time progresses.

I will post here when we have a date for first pickup. Sometimes the situation is fluid, so my post may be, “And we’re back!” because we just didn’t have time to plan that effectively. Sometimes animals make things smooth, sometimes it is an adventure. I will do my best to get notice out as soon as I have it available. So stay tuned.

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  1. Will goats milk be back in February 2022? Also by any chance do you have raw sheep’s milk? I would love to try some. I have been search high & low for raw sheep & goat’s milk in nc? I’m only an hour away from your farm and would make the short trip for it!

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