Raw milk is almost back

We’ve been telling everyone all winter that raw milk will be back in February. Wait, wait… I’m not finished.

Raw milk in refrigerator
Remember when we had this stuff every week?

It WILL be back in February. I’m not backing up on that.

Unfortunately people started emailing and calling on 1 February asking if they could come and pick up milk, like TODAY. Um, no. Raw milk being back in February is kind of like when you mom says she’ll be ready in 5 minutes. And 60 minutes later she STILL isn’t ready. Yeah, it’s like that.

You see, the girls have to calve and kid (cow and goat) before they start making milk. I know, you’re thinking, “Well duh. Of course it is baby, then milk.” I’ve had to explain this to people. More than once.

Then we have to give the baby’s first dibs at the new milk. Plus we don’t collect colostrum for us humans (although I do get that request) so we need to let the little cuties get a week or so of nursing so they get all the freshened goodness and we get pure milk when it is time.

THEN, our amazing farm manager has to teach the mom’s (remind is probably a better word than teach) how to come to the milking parlor each morning and get their treat and their milk. The first few of those mornings are always fun. Not ha ha fun. The kind of fun like if you were to decide to go roller skating.



At your age.

I mean, you grew up roller skating. You know how. It’ll be easy. You can show those kids a move or two.

Yeah, about that.

So anyway, we need a couple of days to get everyone back in the groove with milking.

Then I need to get picking up the actual milk on the schedule, since I only make that route once per week, so we need to know that milking is happening, then plan out a week.

So while raw milk is almost here, it isn’t here yet. I expect the earliest possible date is the week of 16 February. If we get any that week it will be limited. The following week is more of a sure thing. At least as sure as it can be in this business with all the moving parts. Worst case it will be the last week of February but fingers crossed it won’t be that long.

Whenever we get word that the milk taps have been turned on, I will post here so people know when they can plan on stopping by.

Some good news is we should have milk through this coming winter, at least cow milk, so we won’t go without for a good amount of time once we get to milking again. Plus we have a new cow in the mix so we are also going to be increasing production over 2021.

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