Raw milk regulations easing? Or just the media getting around to reporting?

5 gallons of raw milk, making cheese
5 gallons of raw milk, making cheese

Darling Wifey sent me an article on Fox News about raw milk and how some states are pushing to ease regulations. At $13 a gallon in Florida, seems to me we’re causing people to pay black market prices for something that shouldn’t be regulated in the first place.

If I didn’t have my own milk cow, I’d be worried about all the quotes from the different alphabet groups listed in the article that raw milk will kill you. Funny how it’s not killing people where it’s normal, like California and Europe. Unclean milk will get you sick in my opinion, no matter where it’s from. However the less handling between you and the cow, the better off you’ll be.

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  1. The government consistently regulates but it doesn’t necessarily ban things. We give them the authority to regulate sales. They don’t have the authority to prohibit consumption. In Wisconsin most people say it’s illegal to sell raw milk directly to consumers but when it comes right down to it, what the state does is pull the farmers permits and then charges them with operating a dairy without a permit, while never even mentioning the words raw milk. The whole thing is a scam. I was at the Hershberger trial. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so deadly serious.

    The quote came from a blog comment I recently came across but the concept is one I have been arguing for the last couple years. The part of the quote I like is the word authority. Personally I don’t believe it’s necessary to bring the constitution or ancient history into the discussion.

    Even though I believe the law is on our side. It appears many judges and lawyers are not.

  2. I agree.

    Here’s a great quote: “The federal government doesn’t have the constitutional authority to ban a food product we’ve been consuming for thousands of years.”

    No reason to stipulate to any of their propaganda. According to these 2 US government studies raw milk actually has a negative risk factor.

    1. Raw Milk Consumption among Patients with Non–Outbreak-related Enteric Infections, Minnesota, USA, 2001–2010 An estimated 1.7% per year or 1 in 59 raw milk consumers in Minnesota may have acquired an illness caused by 1 of these enteric pathogens.

    2. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An estimated 15% per year or 1 in 6 Americans get sick and 3,000 die each year from foodborne diseases.

    It looks like the US Center for Disease Control has inadvertently demonstrated that people who don’t drink raw milk are 9 times more likely to contract a so called foodborne illness than people that do. Or in other words raw milk prevents 1.3 million cases of foodborne disease and 90 deaths every year in the US.

    Here’s another non sequitur: Christopher Gardner, a researcher at Stanford University, said he wanted to find out if there really was any effect on lactose intolerance from drinking raw milk. When he found out that most of his over 500 lactose intolerant volunteers actually had no trouble digesting lactose(instead of admitting that he had just proven that lactose intolerance has nothing to do with lactose), he decided instead to do a study on 16 lactose malabsorbers.

    What’s so absurd about this is that lactose malabsorption is not really a problem in this country while lactose intolerance most certainly is. Most lactose malabsorbers are not even mildly lactose intolerant. They claim to have proven us wrong when in fact they have actually proven us right.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mike. I’m curious, where does your first quote about constitutional authority come from? The government consistently regulates and bans things that were in existence prior to the government itself. I certainly don’t agree with the practice, which is why I’m curious where the quote comes from.

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