Raw milk

I don’t really get into the raw milk debate. Until recently I had never had raw milk and frankly thought it was kind of odd to drink it. I certainly thought anyone picketing to get milk was part of the tinfoil hat brigade. Of course, it had never occurred to me that plain old cows milk was illegal and that people with guns would come and take it and you away. I was completely detached from the whole thing.

Then we bought a Jersey milk cow and I figured I would give it a try. Not because raw milk caused hair regrowth (which I could use) but because having lots if milk meant I could have lots of cheese and yogurt and whatnot. I have to say, I had some trepidation drinking that first milk. Would it kill me? Would I get sick? I certainly didn’t give any to the kids. How scary. I was still a product of the USDA.

After a year of drinking unadulterated milk, I can truly say that raw milk is hands down better than store bought milk. It’s been better for us and it tastes SO much better. Think tomatoes warm from the garden sun vs grocery store tomatoes. It’s that big if a difference. After real milk, store bought milk tastes like liquid chalk powder. It’s nasty.

Dr. Mercola and raw milk

For those on either side of the debate, I thought this was a good talk on raw milk. It’s long and far ranging but enjoyable.