Reducing food waste in America

This is an article on reducing food waste in America. Having read it, I don’t see anything that’s really actionable. Most charity organizations I know are already reaching out to anyone who would donate pretty much anything. Farmer’s would donate their products, but they aren’t going to spend the labor to do the work for the charities. It’s hard enough farming without having to spend extra time hauling produce for free or sorting out produce for their benefit. I didn’t see anything in these government programs that addressed the reality of the problem so once again, a feel good government program goes nowhere.

Meanwhile, in 2015 we have handled on our farm roughly 7 million pounds of produce in a year that would have otherwise gone in the landfill. In addition, we recycle 16,000 pounds of cardboard per month (192,000 pounds per year), two truckloads of pallets per month, and 1/2 of a truckload of plastic totes per month. All of this material would have otherwise gone into the landfill and prior to our involvement, that’s exactly where it was going. We do all this without government grants, programs, or assistance. We do it because it makes the best darn pork I’ve ever tasted and so far, that’s reason enough.

Maybe I should be applying for a grant instead. But for now I’m going to eat some bacon and call it done.

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