Redundancy, why I believe in it

I’m an exceedingly boring person. I eat bacon and eggs pretty much every day for breakfast. Not because I don’t know how to cook something else (I do!) but because bacon and eggs is pretty much the best thing in the world.

I went with Dustin to go buy blue jeans one time. I went to the store, tried on a few different types, and found the ones that I liked. The helpful salesperson asked me as I came out of the changing room,

“How do you like those?”

“They fit fine, I think these are the ones. ”

“Ok, should I bag them up for you?”

“How many of these do you have?”

“Uh, I don’t know. Why?”

Because I bought every pair they had in the store. Dustin was just shaking his head. All my jeans are exactly the same. As are my work pants. As are my cargo shorts I wear in the summer. Socks, all exactly the same, all purchased at the same time. You get the idea. I like to have things the same because when I find something that works, I want redundancy. Yes I will change the colors up somewhat overall however to the untrained eye, I’m wearing “the same” clothes pretty much every day. However you never see me fumbling in my pockets trying to find something. Everything is the same and everything has it’s place.

Swapping doors on the farm trucks
Swapping doors on the farm trucks

This sickness/smartness? extends to  a lot of what I do. Need a farm truck? How about two just alike? What you see above is two 2006 Chevrolet diesel 2500 trucks. They are almost exactly identical. One of the trucks has a problem with the door that will require a body shop to fix. The other truck has a problem with the clear coat that will also require a body shop to fix. So what is a farmer to do? Take about 10 minutes and swap the doors of course. We will now take one truck to the shop and have both issues fixed. Only one truck is down and the other can continue in service without a hiccup. Once everything is fixed, we’ll swap the doors back and all will be right as rain.

Boring, but smart.

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