Reminder!Virtual farm tour at 6pm today

This is a legit farm tour, the same thing you would see in person. Just without the drool of the cow on your hands. Actually Spork and I are going to do the tour together, so you can see a bit of how we interact. That part you wouldn’t see on a normal tour since either he or I give the tour normally. We don’t have a comedy routine, but we normally end up laughing when we work together. The normal people usually look a bit bewildered (and laughing) at how we interact, but it is normal to us.

You need to sign up to see the tour. It starts at 6pm Friday afternoon. That is TODAY!

The cost is $5 and that is for however many people you can fit in front of your screen. That is a deal compared to the $20 we normally charge.

As a reminder, we are NOT conducting in person tours now, so if you want to see how the farm works, then this is the time to do it.

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