A repost of another blogger I follow, on angry vegetarians.

I’ve followed Jenna at Cold Antler Farm for some time. I like her style of writing and enjoy reading her stories. She only has a small farmstead, 6.5 acres vs. our 84 acres but despite that we do share a lot of similarities in how we raise our animals and I often learn something new when I read her blog posts. Jenna’s quality of writing is something that I’d like to achieve myself one day, assuming I ever spend more than 10 minutes on a blog post which isn’t happening anytime soon.

Recently Jenna posted an open letter to angry vegetarians.¬†You see, her blog is much more widely read than mine so she is dealing with the public in general whereas I am dealing with mainly friends and direct customers at this point, people who know how well we treat our animals and if they were to question our practices would do so directly vs. anonymously on the internet. I’m not to the point of dealing with people who enjoy attacking others on the internet yet, thankfully. I’m sure some day people like that will show. When they do, I’ll point them to Jenna’s post about killing her own meat.

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