We scored some cool points

Display fridge with Ninja Cow logo on top
Fully stocked, with our logo proudly on top

This is the view of our new fridge this morning before opening. Yes it’s well stocked, as is the entire store. But our most recent enhancement is the lighted board at the top. Our now somewhat famous Ninja Cow is proudly on top, backlit and awesome. We’ve had it in place for a week or so and this fridge is definitely the first thing you notice when you walk in the door.

So what’s the big deal? It’s a fridge with an existing logo. Meh? Who cares. Well I remember when this room looked like this.

The Princess, doing the demo
The Princess, doing the demo

Farm meat storage

A couple of freezers drug out of the garage and into this dark, dirty, neglected barn room. That was our store when we first started.

Farm store
This was a year ago.

Now we continue to improve it, bit by bit. Even going so far as to have our logo on our fridge. Knowing where we’ve come from, it’s just cool to have made it so far that we have our logo on our own commercial fridge full or products from our awesome farmers.

This winter, we have plans to improve it even more. There is always something in the works around here so keep checking in with us. We always have something cool. Like today, when the girls will have chocolate chip cookies! Get here early and get them while they are still warm!

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