So much for that

I travelled from early dark to lunch today. Picking up milk, chicken, lamb, whatever. I won’t be getting my beef restock till Friday but at least pretty much everything else will be well stocked.

Jeanette came in 1.5 hours early just to stock up and get things ready.

Between all the loot I hauled home, and Jeanette stocking and restocking everything, we were loaded for bear.

I headed to the house to feed the family, and then looked back through the window and saw this.

Cars all along the parking lot at Ninja Cow Farm
It is hard to see them all but there are cars from one side of the picture to the other

This view was 15 minutes before we even opened! We are normally busy on Wednesday, but wow! I started scarfing my lunch down so I could get free, and headed over to the barn.

Cars all over the store parking lot
Each time I’d take a picture, two more cars would pull up. I finally gave up and just went with this.

I ducked in the back entrance to the store, something I’ve never even needed to do before. There were people all over the front waiting to get in at 2pm sharp.

Line of people in the store
Lined up to the entrance

The last time I saw it this busy was when we had the pet a pig day. We did 4x a Saturday’s volume (a month ago) in ONE HOUR. Yikes!

We sold out of eggs and most of the raw milk and the chicken got a good hit. We also worked the beef roasts and pork products pretty good. And the lamb, which we just received in this morning, went out seemingly with every other customer.

I’m writing this just one hour after that first hour. Things have calmed down now and you can get in and out. But kuddos to Jeanette for making it happen during a crazy busy time.

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