What all this soil health stuff I talk about looks like in the soil

IMG_2874.JPGI was forwarded a great video (Thanks Dale!) on soil health that I thought I’d share. We do a lot here to manage and improve our soil health. I show pictures of topsoil being built, poop on the ground, grass and thatch, all that stuff. But for many of our readers, that stuff doesn’t really translate into something that’s meaningful.

In this video, they do a visual side by side comparison of no-till soil and conventional till soil. To see the test, go to 12:31 in the video. The test is only a few minutes long.

Our soil would compare much better than the no till since we are actively adding back organic matter and not disturbing the soil in any way. Plus we have a dense crop of grass and forbes growing all season long. Hopefully this video will give you an idea of why what we are doing is important.

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