Some sunshine for this rainy day

A butterfly, waiting for its wings to dry and harden so it can fly away.
A butterfly, waiting for its wings to dry and harden so it can fly away.

Grandma is always doing something with our kids. Most of the time I’m not quite sure what it even is but I know it’s Grandma and it’s good so that is enough for me.

Some years ago, she started planting weird bushes around my house and fussing at me for mowing them down. I didn’t really understand what the big deal was. It’s not like we could eat what she planted. Then bugs started showing up and she and the kids were grabbing them all off and putting them in a terrarium. Something or other about butterflies. Again, I wasn’t really sure what they were going on about. I only catch this stuff in little bits as I walk through the house.

Kid waiting on a butterfly
Spork waiting for his butterfly to fly away

Then I came out on the porch one day to find the kids holding butterflies on sticks like you see above. Lots of butterflies and lots of happy kids. Oh, so that is what you guys were doing all this time. That is so COOL! I don’t know how many butterflies they have raised and released over the years. Lots and lots of them. I still stop and watch each time because they are beautiful.

As I am slowly catching up on past posts, I thought some pictures of sunny days and sunny activities might be appropriate for this rain soaked Friday.

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