Spork gets promoted

Boy loading hay with a tractor
Spork, the pilot in charge

This past Sunday Spork and I worked the farm as usual. It was a nice day and things went very smoothly thanks to the guys having most of the food pre-loaded into boxes for us. All the piggies and cows were happy and we even had time to grab a quick bite of lunch, which doesn’t happen very often.

After lunch, we went to our hay farmer to pick up one last load of hay to get us to spring, I hope. Even though our leased farm has some grass we can graze, we want to be sure we have hay to get us through if there is a problem.

On the way back from picking up hay, Spork and I were discussing all kinds of things about what you need to know when you grow up. Balancing a checkbook, troubleshooting and systems analysis, mechanical comprehension, cooking for yourself and for girls, conflict resolution, etc. Partway through Spork gave a yawn, the first sign he’s becoming a teenager already. I asked if he was bored listening to me.

“Yep, a bit.”

Ok then. Looks like just following along behind dad and handing me stuff isn’t enough to keep him occupied. Luckily we had been working on him learning to drive the tractor and feed the pigs lately. When we got back, I informed him, “There is the tractor, there is where the hay goes. Get it off and stacked.”

He looked at me like, “Ok, so show me how and help me.”

I strolled into the shop and started working on something else. 15 minutes later, I went out to find him still working on the first bale. I helped him get over the issue he was having then left him to unload hay. After a few checks to see if I was coming back to help, he proceeded to unload the whole trailer by himself and get everything stacked. No bent metal, no blood, no issues. When he got done (about an hour + later) I had him go out in the cow pasture and handle some hay out there since he was now tractor/hay qualified.

After he got the cows hay straight, I asked him how he felt after doing an adult’s job? He said it took five years off of his life from being stressed.

So much for being bored. I love raising kids on a farm.

4 Replies to “Spork gets promoted”

  1. This is why I love your blog and your farm! As soon as Wes gets over the terrible threes, I’m sending you another free laborer…

  2. Do you provide your animals filtered water? In making bone broth, there is dispute over high levels of fluoride and lead in these bones. I am trying to find somewhere that gives their animals filtered water.. Thank you .

    1. Monica, that would only apply if we watered with city water or treated water. Our animals drink from a solar powered well that is clean and clear. There would be no concern of flouride or whatever else.

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