Spring is here?

I have in my closet an automatic weather station which does a fantastic job of giving me the days and the weeks weather at a glance. For today, there is a description of the conditions as well. Things like “windy and cooler” or “sunny and beautiful.”

I’m not really sure what “swofy” is, but after the winter we’ve had I’m looking forward to it!

2 Replies to “Spring is here?”

  1. Lol! Hopefully it’s just a salve and it doesn’t need a shot. I hate shots.

    As best I can tell they don’t make the weather station anymore. I was going to buy Spork one because he was coming outside in the morning in shorts when they were calling for snow. I couldn’t find one anywhere so I ended up ordering this clock for him.


    It receives the weather forecast from the same wireless service so it works just the same. It just doesn’t have the 7 day forecast like mine does. I really like the wireless service forecast units vs. the outdoor thermometer units. They cost a lot more but work so much better.

  2. yeah, swofy.. pretty sure that showed up on a recent doctor exam I had couple weeks ago.. still not sure about the treatment for it though.. so where would a guy named Ernie find one of those ‘closeted weather stations’ like that one? and is the closet part something culturally forbidden ?

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