Standing rib roasts

Standing rib roast

Every Christmas we forgo our normal ribeye steaks and instead have our cuts made into standing rib roasts. These are always very popular and we always sell more than we can produce.

The way the process works is you call into the store (919-322-0197) during store hours and talk to Jeanette. You tell her how many pounds of rib roast you want. She will take a deposit from a credit card over the phone. She will put you down for that amount in her book and when we process our Christmas cows, we have the butcher cut your roasts to spec, or as close as we can get it. Then we call you when I go get the meat from the processor and you swing by during store hours and pick up your beautiful rib roast. Unlike our turkeys, your roast will be frozen so there is no rush to get the roast or worry about it spoiling if you are traveling for Christmas.

The price is exactly the same as if you’d ordered that many pounds of ribeye steaks, because effectively that is what you did. We don’t up-charge just because the steaks are now magically a roast instead.

We always sell out of these roasts so get your orders in early.

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