Sundays are my favorite days on the farm

Boy feeding lettuce to cows
Spork feeding the cows some lettuce

This is the view from the tractor on Sunday. You can see the cows, who were already lying down ruminating from what they’d already eaten, up and crowding around the lettuce to get another meal.

What you might not notice immediately is that Spork is standing right in the middle of the cows trying to pull the plastic back for them. He and the cows are both completely comfortable with each other and this is just one more job for an eleven year old on our farm. Nothing big deal and nothing special.

But it is special to me. I get to work with my son on Sundays. He is with me all day, my shadow and my partner. Always handing me what I dropped, joking about what I did wrong, and generally improving my day. We get to spend the day together, just us boys, and it really is a treat for dad.

Farming doesn’t pay well. Heck, as far as I can tell so far it doesn’t pay at all. But the rewards are there, bigger than any paycheck.

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