Hog class pics 20.0


Getting the anus cut out without making a mess is always a challenge. Here we are just being successful. NCPSC0400

The only thing we “wasted” on this pig. We did not clean the intestines and use them for sausage. We did donate the innards to the wildlife on the farm who ate well that night. NCPSC0407

This was a tricky bit because we were dumping the innards while trying to save the liver and kidneys and also the heart and lungs for anatomy class. NCPSC0425Success! A clean cavity ready to wash out and then split.


Hog class pics 19.0


For the cleanup of the hog I tried to do as much as possible except for the scraping. Once we got into butchery I tried to let the students do as much as they wanted. NCPSC0355 NCPSC0360

Here we are separating the bladder and urethra from the hog. This is a careful process because you don’t want to get peed on at this point. This part was also pretty funny because I was so focused on safety, pictures, overall impact on students, etc. that when asked if this pig was a male or female I answered female while we were cutting off his male bits. Not my smartest moment. 🙂NCPSC0381Separating the anus while trying to not get pooped on. This is the delicate bit. Once this is done, it’s pretty easy work.


Hog class pics 15.0

NCPSC0263Getting to workNCPSC0268First we take off the head. It went to our friend at the Mexican farmers market, who was quite happy to have it for a gift. NCPSC0277Not quite so delicate work.NCPSC0281The final product, ready to be cleaned up and taken to the market.


Hog class pics 13.0


The blood, ready to go into the fridge and keep for blood sausage later in the day.NCPSC0231

One Lehman’s scraper, well used. NCPSC0235A pure pink pig, ready to move into the shop for the next part.