Alarita Cider Turkey Breast

We haven’t made too big of a deal about it yet, but we will now. Brittany Ridge Farms now has Turkey Breast. This means the NCF Store now has Turkey Breast. SWMBO & I have had some fun filling our families bellies with these wonders. Now I have to share. Even if I don’t want to share.

The one thing I try to keep out of my house is processed lunch meat. I try to make a bit extra at dinner for a light lunch for us for the next day. Somehow there are rarely leftovers on meat though no matter how hard I try.  This means that once or twice a week I make an extra roast. Or if I make a Turkey Breast then my family has plenty of meat left over for a few sandwiches. And as much as my family loves the Herb Butter Recipe from Thanksgiving I prefer something a bit different from time to time.

The one thing we still need to do with Turkey though is Brine. Turkey is just too low in fat through the muscle to make it a moist meat without Brining.  I recommend that you simply make the Brince the night before drop your Turkey Breast in it. Then cook it the next day the perfect brine time is somewhere between 12-23 hours. Some folks I know do a 36 hour brine, I only recommend this if you are using a bird that hasn’t had time to properly rest after being harvested. Brine is a simple recipe 4 tablespoons of Kosher Salt to 4 cups of water.

Turkey Breast is sold in the NCF store for $10 per lb. The breasts weigh between 2.5-3 lbs. I usually get a dinner and 2 days of sandwiches for my family of 3. I then use the carcass to make soup. Waste not Want not.

Alarita Dry Rub is now a constant in my kitchen. I’ve gone through 2 bottles in the past year. I use it for roast vegetables and meats alike. It is a solid product at $8 a bottle.  It take a ho hum green bean or eggplant to “ooooo green bean & eggplant”. The tiny bit of brown sugar in it balances the flavor for herby flavor.


Turkey Brine & Spice Butter

My husband and I have joked around for a while now that we are the Green Acres Family. We lived for several years next to Disney in Celebration, FL For a few of those years I had the privilege of living next to one of my closests friends. We often said that we were going to dig a tunnel between our houses for rainy days. I really miss those days especially during Thanksgiving & Christmas. We’d run back & forth all day & night sharing ingredients.

I stole this from one of Dan’s previous blogs.

Jess & I have a love of Martha Stewart Recipes and that is where I go for my Turkey Brine & Spice Butter Recipe.  She shared this recipe with me years ago & I use it often both on Turkey & Chicken.  I’ll add pictures to this once Thanksgiving is past, gotta make sure that you guys have a great recipe to use for the actual holiday.

A Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat

So goes the line from Arlo Guthrie’s iconic song, Alice’s Restaurant. If you wonder how folks who grow their own food and sell the best proteins in NC eat, here you go. In our case, Thanksgiving 2016 was such a dinner as Arlo spoke of, minus the going to court, and the implements of destruction.

After escaping the country last year for Thanksgiving, we ended up hosting at our house this year for SWMBO’s side of the family. That meant my father-in-law and his wife and my brother-in-law and his wife. Plus the gaggle of cousins.

The star of our meal, our Brittany Ridge Farms fresh turkey
The star of our meal, our Brittany Ridge Farms fresh turkey

Since we were hosting, Grandpa and my brother-in-law ended up doing the cooking (and Barb, who actually did most if it). Our Brittany Ridge Farms turkey showed up fresh, never frozen, and a whopping 24 pounds! It barely fit in the oven.

Checking the turkey for doneness
Is it done yet?

There was some consternation over the turkey cooking slower than they thought it would. I guess 24+ pounds cooks slower than a typical 16 pound turkey. Since SWMBO and I were not part of the cooking team, we sat back and heckled mainly. I’m sure it helped.

Brittany Ridge Farms Thanksgiving turkey
Brittany Ridge Farms Thanksgiving turkey

In the end, it came out beautifully. Since I was playing a Thanksgiving drinking game, this was cause for a drink. “Dinner is at least 30 minutes late. Take one drink.” We’d also passed several milestones by this point.

Now on to the carving.

Dave and Dan carving the turkey
The two boys, carving and sampling

This was our first Thanksgiving in our recently self remodeled kitchen. Having two islands was awesome. Dave and I were able to hop over to this island and work on the bird with plenty of room to spare. Note I’m representing our honey farmer, Buck Naked Farm with the apron. It’s my favorite one.

Serving Thanksgiving dinner on the new counter
Help yourself!

This countertop was part of the original house, which was taken from another house when our house was built (40 years ago). It was an antique (100+ years) when it came to our house which means the wood of this counter is at least 140 years old. Then you consider the tree itself was probably 75 years old before it was cut. That means the seed for this tree went into the soil in the late 1700 to early 1800s. There is a lot of history in this wood. I spent 6 months restoring this countertop that is holding the food you see above. It was worth it.

The kids table. Why don't we seat them at this table at every meal?
The kids table. Why don’t we seat them at this table at every meal?
Thanksgiving dinner 2016
Ahh, dinner at last.

The key to a successful dinner? Put the kids at the kids table.

Home made pies for Thanksgiving
Home made pies for Thanksgiving

Sweet potato, pecan, apple, and in deference to our Caribbean trip last year, key lime pie. All home made, and all topped with Simply Natural Creamery whipped cream and ice cream.

Wildflower with pie, whipped cream, and sprinkles
Wildflower, showing us how it’s done.

Everything is better with sprinkles.

I gained the requisite 3 pounds after this meal. And was fairly useless. I think I went to bed at 6:30.

I hope your Thanksgiving meal was as good as ours. Remember, next year we’ll be taking orders for turkeys again. By November 1st, we are already sold out. Get your orders in early.

Last call for turkeys for 2016

I’ve been slack on letting you know we are getting turkeys for Thanksgiving. I posted about it in late August and then have completely ignored it since then. I guess there was a hurricane in the middle. And we had some other farm craziness to tend to.

Fortunately Lucy has done a good job of telling people when they are in the store so we still have a good number of pre-orders but now is the time if you want to get on the list to let us know. The window will be closing before too long so if you want a turkey, you need to get by and put a deposit on one. festive-food-1388406500q51

The turkeys are $6.25 per pound and will range between 15 and 20 pounds. Deposits are $40.