Quail hunt

Spork and I had the chance of a lifetime recently. We were invited by a new friend to go and hunt on a private quail hunt. I knew it would be nice but I had no idea how nice. We traveled the farm in a custom built horse drawn hunting wagon handled by a competition draft team and expert driver. We hopped off occasionally to hunt behind champion bird dogs and their owner. The weather was 72 degrees and the sun was gorgeous after a nasty cold winter.

Here is Spork helping drive the team. After hunting half the day, we retired to a beautifully restored 1800s era farm house where we had a 3 course home cooked meal on fine china.

We were terribly lucky to be invited to share this experience. I’ve paid a lot of money to go on hunts that weren’t 1/10th as nice. I’m so thankful that I was able to share it with my son.

I learned that there is a draft horse competition on April 12th in the same area. I’m hoping to get more information on this event and take all the kids to it. I think they will have a good time. Dagny still wants to know when she can compete in the tractor pull. >