Thanksgiving hours and turkey pickup

Next week is the big week. I’m already feeling big because I’ve been eating too much this week already and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. Ugh. By next week I’ll look like this.

Fat sea lion laying on concrete
I wonder if there is any pie left?

Because of the holiday, we have different hours and days this coming week. Instead of being open Friday from 2-6pm, we will be open Monday from 2-6pm. This will allow me to go pick up our fresh turkeys Monday morning and bring them back and keep them in the fridge for all of our customers. Pickups will be Monday for Turkeys, period. Otherwise we’d have to freeze them and none of us want to have a fresh turkey that is then frozen, to then thaw. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Wednesday we will be open our normal hours, from 2-6pm.

Friday, as I said we will be closed so you can go get your Black Friday on.

Saturday we will also be closed. Spork and I have to be at a school in Virginia and with all the Thanksgiving goings on it is better to just be closed.

The following week we will return to our normal schedule.

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