Thanksgiving turkeys are available to preorder

Turkey on the table ready to eat
Are you getting hungry yet?

We are now taking deposits on farm raised, pastured, non-gmo, no antibiotic, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Our chicken farmer, Brittany Ridge Farms is doing turkeys again this year and we will be bringing them in for folks who plan ahead. In talking with Christy, she already has more requests than she has availability but she’s holding spaces for us since we are regular customers. That means you need to get your name on the list before someone else does!

Turkeys range from 15-20 pounds and we can try to pick more to your size you need if you let us know your preference but there are no guarantees you’ll get the exact size you ask for.

If you want to get a turkey for Thanksgiving, the price is $6.25 per pound and you’ll need to put down a $40 deposit to get on the list. I can take your deposit remotely if you want to reserve yours before you can swing by. Just email/text me and I’ll get it handled for you.

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