The 2015 Carolina Meat Conference part 1

The 2015 meat conference in Winston Salem, NC
The 2015 meat conference in Winston-Salem, NC

This Monday and Tuesday I spent the day in Winston-Salem at the NC Choices meat conference. There was much consternation over my departure because my back, although better, was still in pretty bad shape and I wasn’t sure if I could make the drive or survive being at the conference all day without a way to lie down. In the end I survived the trip and I was able to participate in about 75% of the conference so all things considered I think I did ok.

I’d asked SWMBO if she and the kids would like to go but she had too much school to get done so I trundled off all by myself to sit in the back of the room and try and absorb something useful. Or so I thought.

Walking in the door, I was greeted by a nice lady who handed me my information packet. She then reminded me that her husband had attended our Bang to Bacon class and had enjoyed it greatly. I was a little shell shocked. I really didn’t expect to be recognized but it was pretty neat. I then headed off in search of the bathroom (I’d been on the road for two hours) and as I was weaving through the crowd I heard my name. I turned and found my insurance agent talking to another gentleman from NCDA and I quickly found myself in conversation with them. Turns out Jack, from the NCDA did marketing outreach for them and handled the Got to be NC program. He promptly asked if I’d registered to be a Got to be NC farmer and I said that indeed had registered and been approved.

I finally linked to their logo. It only took me three months.

Unfortunately I hadn’t done anything else like download the logos, put them on my website, order any signs, etc. I had filled out my listing on their website but that was it. Jack asked if I had any of the road signs yet and I told him I actually wondered how you went about getting one of those signs. Next thing I knew I was walking out with a stack of signs, some of which were about as big as me. Look for me to be hanging signs here shortly now that I’m home.

Once I finally got out of that conversation I made it to the first class I was assigned to, but that is my next post.

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