The beef made it

Yesterday I posted that I was going to pick up pork from the processor, and then high tail it to the beef processor to pick up beef. That plan worked just as I described, except I arrived at the store 30 minutes after our opening. There was already a line of happy people social distancing outside in the warm weather, enjoying an impromptu bee show since our bee keeper Jennifer had shown up to home a swarm she’d picked up from Cary. We’ve never had posh Cary bees before, so I hope they can adapt to the redneck lifestyle.

I picked up our beef right off the cutting table (figuratively of course, they had to package it). It was cold but not even close to frozen yet. Into our trailer freezers it went as quickly as we could and then we headed straight for the farm.

Jeanette and her son Cody grabbed the beef off almost as soon as I stopped rolling, and started handing it out to people who were waiting. In the words of Jeanette after it was all over, “That is about as farm to table as it gets!” She wasn’t kidding. The meat hadn’t even had time to freeze!

But not to worry. It is frozen now and we are well stocked with beef. The Princess will be working the store today and we are open from 9am-1pm. Unlike what is going on in the grocery stores, we won’t be having any hoarding in our store. If you need a few pounds of hamburger, we are glad to see you. If you want 10, 20, 30lbs, The Princess is going to call me. I’m going to stop what I am doing and walk over. And I’m going to be grumpy. This cow needs to last us till next month and everyone gets a fair shake. If you are looking to put some meat back, I suggest roasts as we still had roasts after the last cow and we received a number back again. So instead of 10 lbs of hamburger, get 3lbs and a couple of roasts. That would be no problem and feed you just the same.

I will be dropping off two more hogs Monday, and then picking up BBQ and kielbasa on Tuesday. Along with whatever chicken is left (that is becoming a problem), milk (business as usual), and hopefully lamb. So Wednesday we should be well stocked again for your needs.

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