The cows really like their new farm

Cows grazing in the shade
Cows grazing in the shade

Yesterday I had to drive to South Carolina and back for a meeting. On the way back, I stopped by the new farm we leased to check on the cows. I found them just off the road thankfully so I could just hop the fence and walk in and check on them. It was a relatively cool day, about 82 degrees. The cows were happily grazing the grass that barely showed any signs of their efforts. They really seemed to enjoy the trees interspersed in the grassy fields allowing them to graze in the shade. Also, the trees are pretty low so the cows could walk under them and scratch their backs, something they really enjoy being able to do.

Cows grazing under trees
Hanging out under the trees

Overall they seemed really happy and content. The calves were off hiding in the woods having their own adventure. The cows will stay at this farm for about a month then come back here for a month’s rotation around our pastures. By then we’ll likely be feeding hay so they’ll be here for the winter, unless our new farm has some rye planted in the fields. If that’s the case,¬†we’ll head back over to graze the rye down at least once this winter.

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