The last of the summer grass

Cows barely visible in the grass
Cows in the upper pond paddock

The cows are finishing up their latest rotation on the farm and will be moving to the neighbors next week to start grazing his grass. When they get back, it will be well into fall and the cows will be eating fescue instead of the warm season grasses they’ve just finished. What you see pictured above is the next to the last paddock they have moved into. The paddock behind the wooden fence in the background will be their last paddock for this week, then it’s onto the trailer and to, literally, greener pastures.

This particular picture shows a bunch of the weeds that are growing in this paddock but the grass in there is just as tall as what you see. Miguel and I were on the way to go select pigs to go to the processor the following week¬†and I just snapped this picture as I went by¬†because I thought it gave a good idea of how tall everything is at the end of the rotation. If you look closely, you can see a bit of cow here or there poking her head above the greenery. Now that’s tall grass.

After the cows move out of this paddock, we’ll take the mower in there and mow things closely. Then we’ll take the disc harrow in and lightly disc the ground. At that point we’ll be broadcasting seed for a pollinator habitat that will allow our bees, and wild bees of course, to have a great nectar flow going into fall. Hopefully the seed we have will reseed itself and we’ll keep this little section of the farm in pollinator habitat. With that and some other things we are working on, hopefully we’ll have some honey for sale in our store before too long which I know a number of you have been waiting for.

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