The makings of a man

1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Spork at the Roast Grill
Spork at the Roast Grill with George at his customary spot

I told you before about taking Spork to Bill’s Hot Dogs in Little Washington. It was the first time he’d graduated from plain or ketchupy kid hot dogs to fully leaded chili dogs.

This week, Spork went with me to make a delivery to our friends at The Butcher and the Baker. They keep selling product faster than we can produce it which is both good and bad but for today’s story it was good because I had my man with me for company and for delivery help. When he goes with me for a delivery, he does as much work as I do and is a joy to have along. We had to depart early so we could get down and back and still have time for lunch with a friend of mine. However on the way back it turned out he couldn’t meet for lunch. Spork and I were both disappointed because we were looking forward to good conversation and food. I thought a minute and then gave Spork the choice of where he’d like to go to lunch, my treat. He said, “We are too far from Bill’s hotdogs, aren’t we?” I wasn’t even sure he remembered Bill’s so I was happy to hear he wanted to go back.

We were about 3 hours from Bill’s where we sat that moment so it was a no go, however there is a landmark hotdog place in Raleigh, Roast Grill. It’s been there since 1940 and I NEVER get to go there anymore because hotdog buns are verboten on my diet. However I was in good shape weight wise that day and could probably stand a cheat, especially for the boy.

We high tailed it back home, switched from our delivery truck to a regular truck, and ran downtown. Once we sat down at the counter and greeted everyone, we ordered two small Cokes and hot dogs from George, two burnt all the way for me,  one all the way for the boy and one emergency backup dog that was just plain. No Nancy light chili or hold the mustard for him on the all the way one, he got it loaded just like the adults.

When they hit the counter, Spork tucked into the loaded one first and declared it good and later better than the plain one. Next time, no backup dogs for him, he’s eating with a man’s taste and appetite now, as mom’s grocery bill can attest.

As an aside, if you are reading this blog and you haven’t been to the Roast Grill, you need to make the trip. They have four menu items, hot dogs, coke, baklava (home made), and pound cake (also home made). The place only seats 13 or 15 total and it’s usually packed so go on a nice day. You’ll stand on the sidewalk for a few minutes and chat with your neighbors waiting to get in. It’s part of the experience, as is sitting at the counter and sliding up and down making room as people come and go. Go be neighborly, it’s good for you.

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