The mud run is this weekend!

Yes I know we already had a mud run scheduled. But then this lady named Florence showed up and things would have been a bit too muddy.

So October 6th is our new date, this coming weekend. The good news is that has given our mud run people some extra time to get things ready so the course should be even better than we’d expected. As before, all the signup and detail information is available at their website, DragonOCR. To participate just go online to their site and signup.

We will be open for regular business next Saturday in the store, but we will not be scheduling tours as we normally do. Tours will be offered every 30 minutes and will be group tours, which is our normal method when we have a large event.

I have had a few people tell me they’d like to come but they weren’t sure they could get over some of the obstacles. I’m not in charge of the event, but we aren’t running the Boston Marathon here. If the obstacle is too hard, just run around it and continue on to the next one. The idea is to have fun, not set a new record.

Spots are still available so sign up and come see us on Saturday. The weather looks great!

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