The power is back on! We are open!

It only took all day, and the help of Lucy and Erin (who live here), Miguel (who works here), Richard (from Fowler and Son), three people from Duke Power, and a very nice lady named Rebecca from the Wake County permit office.

So far we’ve lost one big freezer (as in it’s dead), one generator (couldn’t be resurrected), and a bunch of stuff in one of our backup freezers that got dumped to make room for the higher value goodies. Huge thanks to Miguel for loaning me a generator to get us through the day. Otherwise I’d have had to go buy one since my normal generator had apparently died.

All the meat and dairy stayed cold thanks to the generator so we didn’t lose anything.

Now I need to get the freezer repaired (that will cost money), buy a new generator (that will cost money) and get this place cleaned up (that will cost time.) Other than that everything is fine.

The good news is, WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS TOMORROW! And as previously communicated, we have beef and pork and chicken all in stock. Plus new cheeses, new lamb and I don’t know what all else.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and witty comments. I’m going to get this weekly email out to everyone that didn’t go this morning, then I’m going to go have a beer!

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