The power is out

This morning I headed over to the barn to snap a few pictures and get some posts up early of some exciting new stuff we have at the farm. Instead I arrived at the barn to find this.

Limb laying on downed power line
This limb fell during the night and of course landed right on the power line

A limb, centered on the line the feeds power to the main barn. Which in turn feeds power to the well that water the entire farm, and also feeds power to all the freezers in the barn!

But this line has been hit by limbs before and just snapped back. Maybe it’s just drooped down but everything is actually ok.

Power ripped from the barn
Power ripped from the barn

Um, no. It’s ripped the entire power feed from the barn, broken the wire that supports the power, and probably knocked out all the power to the entire barn.

I went inside the store and the lights were on, but the freezers were off. But the AC seemed to have power. Maybe we just lost a leg and one side is still working? If that’s the case, I can run drop cords to the working outlets and get power back to the freezers. Even if I have to rotate the power from freezer to freezer, it is still ok. They stay frozen for a long time.

I run upstairs where all the power is off and grab some drop cords. I pull the beef freezer out, pull the power plug, and put it into the drop cord which has power and…


Then the freezer dies again. My heart falls into my shoes because this freezer is stuffed with fresh beef just put in yesterday and now apparently it’s blown up.

Before anything else blows up, I call Duke Power and get them coming. I’ll call Fowler and get them coming as well to fix the pop, whatever that was. And in the meantime, I guess we’ll play a waiting game with the ice cream in the freezer to see how long it will last before I have to pull it and bring it to the house.

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