The store looks better and better, and we have a new employee

Farm worker pricing cuts of meat
Makayla working on putting up our pricing

Say hello to our newest employee. Makayla started with us a few days ago and we’ve already taken advantage of her unique talents. Was it her horsemanship abilities? Nope. Her experience running the register making us more efficient? Nope. We tapped into the thing that makes her extra unique on our farm. She’s a girl. First, we had a pig who was having serious trouble with a delivery. Somebody needed to go put on the big glove and reach in and try to free the stuck baby.

I tried, but my hand was too big. It just wasn’t going to happen. Who do we have with small hands? Spork!

Spork tried, and did a great job. In fact, he didn’t squirm, protest, or even blink. I said “Son, I need you to do this to try to save this pig.” “Yes sir” is all I heard from him. However at 11, he wasn’t exactly familiar with what he was feeling for so even though he was successful, he wasn’t able to tell me what was going on. Makayla showed up and she did the job just perfect. Not only did she not blink, she was excited to work on animals instead of produce.

Immediately after finishing with the pig (more on her in another post) I needed Makayla’s other unique talent. I’d noted on her employment paperwork that she had pretty, girl handwriting. The kind the girls always had when I was in school getting D minuses in handwriting. Straight from the field, I put her to work on our new chalkboards on the freezers.

Chalkboards on freezers for pork and beef.
The two big freezers with our pork and beef
Chalkboard on freezers
The chicken freezer and the egg fridge

Now when you walk into the store, all the pricing and availability is right there in front of you. The store is really starting to come together. A bit more stuff from Buck Naked, labels on the inside of the freezers, and maybe a few new items in the fridge and we should be in good shape.

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